Dragon Fruit

Fruit is amazing, it is low in calories, full of vitamins, and tastes delicious. Living in North America one does not often get the chance to experience some of the more strange and delicious fruits that grow in tropical climates. One such fruit is known as the Pitaya or Dragon fruit, but don’t worry this … Continue reading Dragon Fruit

Sea Slug Gets Nutrients From The Sun Just Like Plants

Animals eat meat and plants to gain energy and nutrients, and plants use sunlight to gain energy through photosynthesis. Most people know that photosynthesis is strictly a plant characteristic, but what if there was an animal that could do photosynthesis to gain energy just like plants. Prepare to be dazzled, because there is an animal … Continue reading Sea Slug Gets Nutrients From The Sun Just Like Plants

Indian paintbrush

Anyone who has spent time in the Western United States has probably seen the wild flower known as Indian paintbrush, also called Castilleja. This wildflower is named for its clusters of colorful bracts that resemble paintbrushes dipped in brightly colored paint. This small flower grows in forest clearings and grasslands across the western and southwestern … Continue reading Indian paintbrush

The Tree Whisperer

We all have hobbies, things we like to do to get away from the stresses of life. Axel Erlandson had a very unique hobby of training trees to grow into strange shapes, which today is called tree sculpting or simply tree shaping. This practice is similar to other tree shaping techniques such as pleaching, bonsai, … Continue reading The Tree Whisperer

Square Watermelons

There is something fascinating about manipulating nature just a little to make something ordinary into something extraordinary. The art of creating bonsai trees is a classic example of the manipulation of nature to create a piece of unique living art. Japanese farmers have found another way to take something ordinary and add a little twist. … Continue reading Square Watermelons