Cork Oak

When you see a cork you probably don’t realize that it is made from the bark of a particular tree. That tree is called the cork oak (Quercus suber), and is native to southwest Europe and northwest Africa. This tree has strange spongy bark which gives cork its unique qualities. Cork is a remarkable material … Continue reading Cork Oak

Skeleton Flower

There is a perennial plant that grows on the cool moist forested mountain sides in the colder regions of Japan and China which has large umbrella-like leaves, and clusters of seemingly insignificant white flowers. But when it rains these little white flowers transform into something fascinating. This plant is called diphylleia grayi, and when its … Continue reading Skeleton Flower

Stinky Flower II

The largest and rarest single bloom in the world grows in the rain forests of south-east Asia, and is named Rafflesia arnoldii. This flower was named after Sire Stamford Raffles and naturalist Dr. James Arnold, who discovered the flower in 1818. There are 28 known species of this flower, all of which grow in south-east … Continue reading Stinky Flower II